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casual, comfortable, classic + cute ••• regular + plus sizes

About Pineapple by DBS

Hi, I'm Drew, also known as DBS!

This boutique started as a hobby and has grown into something truly amazing. We have an online community through our Facebook group, where many women have been able to find friendship, fashion and fun, no matter what size they are!

I have been many sizes in my life, and regardless of what the pant size is at that moment, I have always loved to dress in cute, comfortable and fabulous clothes. With that in mind, I created Pineapple by DBS so that every woman could find looks that make her feel like a pineapple... you know that overused quote: sweet on the inside and wearing a crown.

Alfie (my little longhaired dachshund) and I love to go live on FB and get to know our customers, helping them find the perfect fit, while also laughing way too much. I am always 100% myself, and I think it makes for a very real and authentic vibe that sets this boutique apart from the rest.

With the help of my right hand woman (Ashley), and our incredible team (Sami, Erica + Ana) we process and ship all of your orders from our little warehouse in the Boise area of Idaho!

Thanks for supporting us in doing what we love. We promise we will always do all we can to make sure that shopping with Pineapple by DBS is your favorite retail experience, ever!

Hope to see you soon at a sale!