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casual, comfortable, classic + cute ••• regular + plus sizes

The Black Out Makeup Junkie Bag

The Black Out Makeup Junkie Bag

Product Details

Please note that these items will be shipped to you on their own once they arrive to us. We ordered them on March 12 and they usually take about one week to ship to us. Once they arrive we ship them within the next couple of days!

As seen on Shark Tank, these are THE 'it' bags for travel and organization, and with great reason. You can fit so much in them, clean them incredibly well, use them in so many ways, and they're adorable as well!

Whether you're getting these for yourself or for a gift, grab a print when you like it, because nearly all of them are limited edition and quickly become VERY hard to find!

Approximate Bag Dimensions as Follows:
Micro - - $30
Mini - 4x7" $32
Small - 7x9" $36
Medium - 8x11.5" $42
Large - 9.5x13" $48

Each Makeup Junkie Bag comes with designer, moisture resistant, interior liner!

All bags are ok to machine cold wash only, hang to dry, do not use iron.